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Biografía: Welcome to the survivor community! We lead an active lifestyle and take planning for future adventures very seriously. <strong>Who are the survivors?</strong>

If you look at what those people who refer to themselves as survivors put into this term, you will see that the term "survival" is quite vague, there is no clear understanding of survival - under what conditions, under what circumstances, under what resource base, etc.

Survivors are people who assume the onset of any emergency and extreme situations (including simply “difficult life circumstances”), for which they prepare themselves and try to prepare their loved ones. Basic training is being conducted to reduce the negative impact of these situations and to preserve life in various extreme and emergency situations in peacetime and wartime.

The survivor, as a rule, does not rely on the help of third parties and the state.

Often people think about survival when they themselves fall into an extreme situation for them ... or get acquainted with various creative works. It can be books (for example, Berkem al Atomi "Marauder", Max Brooks "World War Z", etc. ... Or even classical works: "Robinson Cruz" and "Mysterious Island") or films (for example, " Survivor "," I am a legend ", etc.) or after the game (for example," Fallout "," Metro 2033). There are also cartoons and comics, various television broadcasts.

In various creative works, the typical survivor is most often described as a super-hero, one of the few who managed to survive. He has weapons, survival skills, and a place where he can calmly wait out the apocalypse. In reality, these are ordinary people who are difficult to distinguish from the crowd. You can meet them anywhere: in a store, on the street, in any public places and don’t understand who is in front of you.

Some still have small distinguishing features, which, however, do not guarantee that you have a survivor. Most often, this is a small backpack, or a bag with EDC or NAZ. Many survivors are not indifferent to paracord bracelets and camouflage wardrobe items. At home or in the car there can be various emergency kits (usually called an alarm case, which they recommend keeping at home and the Ministry of Emergencies on their official website).

But since it is impossible to prepare for all emergency and extreme situations, plus different people have different opinions about what happens and different financial income, then everyone prepares and waits different. Therefore, conditionally all survivors can be divided into several groups.

---- Come from the bunker

Until the 1970s, Americans lived in fear of a nuclear threat. From day to day, they waited for a Soviet strike, in a politically preoccupied part of society, an atmosphere of permanent hysteria reigned. People were seriously preparing for a nuclear winter: they were digging bomb shelters and stocking up food, hoping to survive the Third World War. But there was a relaxation of international tension. Moscow and Washington signed a nuclear arms limitation treaty. The threat of war moved away, the bomb shelters were unnecessary.

Those who dug them found a new enemy. In 1973, the oil crisis erupted and many decided that America was now definitely over. Famous TV presenter Mormon Howard Ruff published Famine and Survival in America, which immediately became a bestseller. Ruff found followers who enthusiastically began to prepare for the last times. The most experienced, whose hands yearned for a shovel, equipped bunkers in the forests, the rest simply learned to survive in extreme conditions.

Each survivist, or “survivor,” in Russian, had a gun at home with a supply of ammunition (many had more than one), and there was also a clear plan of action. The first step was to get out of the chaotic city in which human life is worth nothing, and then act on the circumstances. Basically, this scenario was supposed to be: lock yourself in a bunker with your family and shoot back from those who want to profit from scarce canned food until the wave of violence settles down or the cartridges run out.

Although you can survive alone, it’s more fun together, and there are more chances to survive. The survivists got into groups, and the ideology of protecting their rights was replaced by the ideology of survival. So there was a civilian police.

The true sons of Israel

The civilian police movement that grew out of survivism is significantly different from it. The backbone of the movement is hundreds of combat units ready to defend civil rights and freedoms, if necessary, with weapons in their hands. Somewhere, they act hand in hand with the police - especially when you need to catch unwanted migrants, runaway criminals or help protect public order. But there are dozens and even hundreds of illegal groups.

The first swallow was Posse Comitatus, or PC abbreviated as former survivist, “Weapon-able”, an ultra-right organization with anti-government and anti-Semitic ideas. The members of the group believed that they were the true sons of Israel, chosen by the Lord. The main threat was seen in the Jews, who were considered the minions of Satan, ready to destroy civilization and hoping to enslave free Americans, using the Fed and the US Internal Revenue Service. Among the founding fathers of the organization are American Nazis, Hitler fans, members of the Silver Shirts movement, and simply “caring citizens.”

PC members advocated for public control of the authorities. For example, sheriffs who refuse to act in the interests of citizens and obey the Zionist world government, as well as its proteges in Washington, were invited to lynch. And this was not an empty threat: in February 1983, former PC member Gordon Kal shot two police officers and was killed while trying to detain him.

Waiting for UN troops

It was Posse Comitatus who laid the foundations of the ideology of the American police movement. Despite all the differences, there is a certain set of principles that all militias adhere to. Traditionally, they stand on the right positions and vote for the Republicans. From the point of view of radical groups, tyrants have settled in Washington, drawing taxes from citizens and trying to limit their freedoms.

Many police are opposed to US membership in international organizations, including the UN and NAFTA, through which the world government is allegedly trying to put the US economy at the service of British and Mexican capital. Militiamen seek to oppose tyrannical power and the influence of global leftists who plotted to subjugate the United States to the Jewish world government and establish a new world order. At any moment, United Nations troops, Chinese or Mexicans can invade the United States, after which all those who disagree will be placed in secret concentration camps.

To prevent patriots from resisting the invading forces, the government is trying to limit the right to own weapons. Therefore, one of the cornerstones of the ideology of the American police is the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. Each ideology needs its own martyrs, and for them, the matter is gone.

Ashes of Mount Carmel

v In 1992, the United States was shocked by the tragedy in Ruby Ridge, Idaho. The Weaver family, who lived in anticipation of the imminent end of the world, attracted the attention of special services with their contacts with radical racist groups. When trying to bring the father of the family, Randy Weaver, to the court, resistance was rendered, and as a result, his wife Vicki and son Sam, as well as a police officer, were killed. Subsequently, the court concluded that the use of force was excessive, and Weaver Sr. was acquitted on almost all counts.

The Bible of the American Radical

The cult status among American racists is enjoyed by the novel by William Pierce (written under the pseudonym Andrew MacDonald) "The Turner Diaries". This work is about a not too distant future, in which a civil war begins between white American patriots on the one hand and blacks, liberals and Jews on the other. According to the plot of the book, the trigger of this conflict is the decision of the US government to ban citizens from owning weapons. The fact that the book "Turner Diaries" is evidenced by the fact that Timothy McVeigh had this publication with him during the terrorist attack in Oklahoma City tells how much importance the American far right has.

A retribution soon followed: in 1995, a car bomb exploded near a federal building in Oklahoma City. 168 people were killed, including 19 children, more than 680 people were injured. The attack was staged by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols - staunch ultra-right activists. As they explained in court, the blast took revenge for Ruby Ridge and the Mount Carmel massacre. Analyzing McVeigh's connections, the police discovered his contacts with survivals and civilian police organizations. The newspapers even reported that he was a member of the Michigan State Police. However, it soon became clear that McVeigh acted on his own initiative, did not belong to the police, and most members of the militia groups condemned the methods of a terrorist who, instead of attacking specific officials, launched an explosion that claimed the lives of innocents. Many supporters of McVeigh claimed to have been framed specifically to push through the tough anti-terrorism law. Timothy McVey was executed on June 11, 2001. He was not the only avenger of the Weavers and the “Branch of David.” In 1996, for example, the Sons of the Gestapo derailed a train in Arizona: one died and 78 were injured.

Warriors of christ

After incidents in the 1990s, the FBI revised its stance on police. All existing groups were divided into four categories - from moderate to radical, which qualified as internal terrorists. There was a crisis among the police themselves: the doomsday expected in 2000 did not happen, the Chinese, Mexicans and UN troops did not invade the United States. Moreover, the “cowboy” Bush came to power, without hesitation, using force against the “bad guys”.

Although the 2000s are characterized by a decline in the police movement, it was then that one of the most famous groups emerged - “Hutaree”, formed in 2006. Members of this organization call themselves “Warriors of Christ” and are preparing for the battle with the Antichrist, who was suspected at one time by NATO Secretary General Javier Solana. The group has its own emblem - a sword, crossed spears and the letters CCR - Colonial Christian Republic. There are even their own unique military ranks: Radok, Boramander, Zulif, Arkon, and Luke. After the financial crisis of 2007-2008 and the coming to power of the president-democrat, besides black, the group became trendy.

American Christian militants accused of preparing terrorist attacks

In 2010, nine people from Hutari were arrested in Ohio and Indiana. They were suspected of intent to destroy the largest possible number of police and civilians - first kill one of the officers, and then detonate a bomb at his funeral. In the end, they were charged with conspiracy to prepare a rebellion, attempt to use weapons of mass destruction, training in the manufacture of explosive materials and illegal possession of weapons. The process turned into a real triumph of illegal police - at first the majority of the accused were released from custody even without a bail, and in the end, the three accused were placed under surveillance for two years. The arrested members of the group were returned property confiscated during the investigation, including rifles and hundreds of thousands of rounds.

For free Montana, for unbroken Texas!

The police are not only fighting the Zionists who seized power in the United States, and are preparing for the invasion of UN forces. There are also marginal separatist movements. One of them was the Montana Free People group, which advocated for the sovereignty of the state and separation from the United States. Since 1994, the Montagnards have been issuing counterfeit securities and banknotes in an attempt to undermine the country's economy. As a result, dozens of American banks suffered. In parallel, the group was creating its own government, courts and banks. In 1996, FBI agents surrounded a ranch where separatists were hiding. The siege lasted 81 days, after the members of the organization were surrendered they were sentenced to long terms.

Why Texans don't like Barack Obama

The banner of separatism was picked up by Texas freedom fighters. In 1997, the Republic of Texas movement arose. Its adherents claimed that this state underwent illegal annexation by the United States in 1845 and is now an occupied territory. In the same year, a group of separatists led by "the ambassador of the republics.

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