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Biografía: The skin of man is his greatest and most important organ. If the skin feels good, a healthy skin tone radiates, the skin is pure and strong enough to ward off attackers like viruses, bacteria or fungi. Above all seborrheic dermatitis hair loss grow back, this protective function is essential for our holistic health. Only if the natural balance of the skin is maintained, we are all around well. Otherwise, a circulation is initiated which is mutually dependent: If the skin is weak, the body is prone. If the body is weakened, the skin can not go well. Then the skin becomes pale, pale and stressed. We show here what can be done with stressed skin!

The problem with stressed skin

If the skin is fully functional and healthy, it is the natural protection of the internal organism against pests such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. If, however, weakening of the skin occurs, just mentioned foreign bodies can penetrate more easily and stress the immune system. This results in faster skin diseases of various types. In addition, the affected person is more susceptible to severe temperature fluctuations or allergic reactions from the outside.

In addition, external effects such as UV radiation, incompatible food, strong drugs, or chemical substances can also stress the skin, and thus stress. For example, very cold and dry air can dehydrate our skin. Humans can also worsen their own skin structure through negative influences on their bodies: it is well known that alcohol and smoking are drying the skin and aging faster. Due to a less moist structure, redness and rough spots on the skin become more frequent. Also a wrong diet and little exercise are frequent sources of error.

Also stress and little sleep are under strong suspicion to reduce the skin quality seborrheic keratosis home treatment hydrogen peroxide. This is usually visible in dark eye rings or pale skin. It is due to the fact that the very thin skin surface is not supplied with sufficient water. By stress, on the other hand, the production of testosterone often leads to the development of acne or even abscess. Last but not least, many of the wrong skin care products that do not correspond to their skin type or with unnatural additives lead to additional skin irritation. The problem with stressed skin - At a glance!

External influences: UV radiation, incompatible foodstuffs, medicines, chemicals Self-fault: drugs, smoking, alcohol, little exercise, wrong diet Lifestyle: stress, little sleep Improper care products: unnatural additives What to do? - Customize lifestyle! Drugs: In any case, it is necessary for a radiant skin complexion Seborrheic dermatitis hair loss grow back and not to stress the skin to stop smoking. Also alcohol should be greatly reduced, since it would otherwise strongly drying on the skin surface. Thus it loses its luster, becomes less hard-wearing.
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